Core Products

Herbalife helps you to expand your nutrition, achieve your desired weight and looks, and accomplish your health and fitness goals energetically, regardless of the body type you have.

If you are looking for the unsurpassed programs to lose weight and optimize your nutrition then check out the Herbalife weight loss programs that will help you get the right amount of protein according to your body composition and also have additional weight loss enhancers added to the core products.

We applaud if you start with Formula1 Nutritional Shake Mix, get the benefit of 23 vitamins and minerals through Formula2 Multivitamin Complex Herbal & Mineral Tablets, and boost your immunity through Cell Activator®. These products would dictate themselves as the root of your program. Depending on your desired and deserved health goals you can add in other products that root to your specific health goals.

Remember! Herbalife is not a company only for weight loss. It is a complete nutrition program that makes sure you get optimum nutrition and you can use the products for the health benefits as well as weight control.